Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Late Show List: Top 10 Things I Learned in My First Semester of Law School, Part 2

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 8 — In reviewing my torts notes while preparing my torts outline (more on that painful process later), I found this gem from my German torts professor (no, not German Torts, just American ones, taught by a German), from 01-September-2006.

He referred (I would say refers, but I don't think he's said it again yet) to American football, the game for which tailgaters live, “the land acquisition game.” Go figure.

More on figuring when I get to his comment about the metric system, which I know is much closer to the present in my notes, so at the rate I'm going on this outline, it could be a little while, but I can guarantee it will be before my practice exam on Tuesday 17-October-2006.

Back to Civil Procedure. Let me know if you have questions on personal jurisdiction, because that's eesentially all I know about procedure so far. After this reading I should be able to tell you something about service of process. (Can I get a "I'll serve your process!" joke? Anyone?).

B.S. out.

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