Friday, October 13, 2006

Blogging NYT: Baghdad Garbage Man = Deadly Job

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 13 — In an enlightening article, "Even Picking Up Trash Is a High Risk in Baghdad," A1 in today's New York Times, Michael Luo and his reporting partners spotlight the harrowing job of being a Baghdad sanitation worker. From roadside bombings to killings by militants trying to protect their roadside bombs, hundreds (probably — the story isn't totally precise on the figure) of sanitation workers in Baghdad have died from the violence since the war began.

It's an important look at the untold and unforeseen consequences of the American takedown of Saddam Hussein and the following occupation and insurgency. Basic municipal services are all-but nonexistent, Luo's piece suggests. The reality is a stark commentary on the fragile nature of cities and how easily they can fall to pieces in the midst of what many would call a good thing, the toppling of Saddam.

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