Sunday, October 08, 2006

He can't be our congressman.

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 8 — No, we're not talking about Rep. Mark Foley, but we are talking about a shocking Republican, if not as sick and twisted at Foley.

Rep. Randy Kuhl, the Republican who represents New York's 29th Congressional District, where my parents live and where I grew up and where I hope to live again one day, made some rather unpleasant comments about the effectiveness of the federal government's response during Hurricane Katrina. More on the significance of these remarks and my reaction to follow, but for now, just putting the transcript out here in the blogosphere to go along with the video.

Straight from the congressman's mouth: "And you can see, that when in fact this government needs to react, like it did in Katrina, with immediate appropriations to help out people who were dying"— crowd laughter interrupts Kuhl — "now you can laugh..." Kuhl trails off as video ends.

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