Sunday, October 08, 2006

Big Signs goes live on the bayou.

NEW ORLEANS, Oct. 8 — Here we are, diving back into the blogosphere from the bayou after a significant hiatus, and migrating from Excess Flem here to Big Signs and from New York to New Orleans, the Big Apple to the Big Easy, the City That Never Sleeps to the City That Care Forgot (more on that in upcoming posts).

We're blogging as a law student now, rusty, having been out of the reporting game for (yikes) two years, one month, and a few days now. Nevertheless, our trusty AP Stylebook (2000 edition -- I blame that on law student budgetary constraints) remains close at hand, and Strunk & White have yet to give up on us, so we'll push forward, trying to offer some thoughts of life in the Crescent City, as compared to Gotham, and perhaps a tirade or two about their relative functions and dysfunctions, along with other musings.

While we're writing this as an escape from the rigors (note the effort to remain value-neutral) of law school, we're sure that some of y'all out there in the real world will be curious about the life of (or more appropriate, the lack thereof) a first-year law student in Flood Town, USA, so we'll throw a few bones your way too.

Also, please note that while we are in fact only a staff of one lonely reporter, that being me, we will continue to post in the first-person plural because it's a little more fun than singular, and all our other work is singular. Try 10 hours in the library a day singular. (Ick, yes, we know, 10 hours, get a life, but on occasion, gotta do it. And we treated ourselves to ice cream and SNL afterwards).

Also, a note on datelines used here at B.S. (note also that we're aware of how our initials may otherise be construed; after all, our personal first and middle names share the ones). While we're based in New Orleans now, life as a law student and 20-something is so fluid that we might be in New York next week or Nashville next month (especially until the end of hurricane season, at which point the semester will be almost over, so a move would be warranted anyway), so we'll use a dateline in every post, despite the AP Style convention to only use datelines when filing from the road, just to add another dash of context to the content. And to ground ourselves.

Over and under from NOLA,

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