Sunday, November 06, 2016

Big Sign that We Must Choose Love Over Hate

The bottom line of Election 2016: a choice between love and hate.

In a little over 30 hours, we will be at the polls. Then we will await the fate of the nation. This election has roller coastered our emotions as a country, and mine as an American, a husband, a father, a son. I have turned this election over and over and over in my head, trying to sort the garbage and vitriol from reality. In the end, it’s quite a simple choice: love or hate?

A vote for Hillary is a vote for love, for family, for hope, for peace, for country, for humanity. A vote for all that is possible, if we work together, build bridges, find common ground, promise to help one another solve our problems. She has built her life on service. Service to children, to families, to the rule of law, to the good of us all. She’s imperfect, of course, because she’s human. If anyone reading these thoughts has written her off simply for those imperfections, or for the hate, lies, and innuendo her opponent and countless others have spewed at her so you’ll do just that—write her off—I realize I probably won’t sway you back now. But know that Hillary will be President for all Americans, and love lifts us all. Now pause for a moment and consider what’s in your heart: love or hate? And what do you want in the heart and mind of the next President? I want her heart filled with love, courage, hope; her mind with intellect, curiosity, and openness to solve problems, with a strong team supporting her. Hillary’s heart and mind are there. It’s up to us to put her in the Oval Office, where, as President, she’ll protect us, build us up, as President Obama has done for eight years.

A vote for Trump is a vote for hate, a vote for fear, both of which he has stirred up unlike any presidential candidate in history. Hate of Hillary because she, like us all, has flaws, because she has dedicated her life to     children, families, and the American people. Hate of change and progress, as the United States and the world move forward, breaking down centuries of barriers and bigotry. Hate of those who don’t like look the same, talk the same, vote the same.  He’s run the long con on his supporters, just as he’s conned workers and small businesses throughout his fraud of a career, crushing those with less money or pull than him, building himself up by breaking them down.

His actions and words toward women are so heinous I remain without words to express my disgust and outrage. He’s no leader. He’s a racist, misogynist, anti-semitic, trigger-happy, authoritarian, sexual assault boaster. He’s left countless of victims behind in his filthy, foul wake. Don’t let the nation and the world be his next victims. A vote for him is a vote to abandon all that is already great about this country, all that has helped and will help us overcome our challenges. We are great because we are good, together. Divided, we fall. Don't bring us down. Don’t let his venom bring us down.

To quote the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., "We shall overcome because the arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." Make no mistake, that arc will continue bending toward justice, toward peace, toward love, with or without you, with or without the United States of America. The question friends, voters, fellow Americans, that we must answer on Tuesday is whether we will help bend the arc, or fight it. History will judge us for this moment. And as the moral universe arcs ever closer to the elusive justice, ask yourself, will you be able to tell your children, your grandchildren, your great grandchildren that you helped it?

I intend to help the arc bend toward justice, toward peace, toward love. A vote for Hillary Clinton for President of the United States bends the arc ever further. I choose love. Love makes this country great because it makes us good, and only through love, and friendship, and hard work together can we overcome our deepest challenges, our deepest divides. And we will. I ask you to join me, friends, as we support Hillary to lead us in the next chapter of our journey.

#imwithher and #weareallwithher because we’re Stronger Together, and together, with love, we shall overcome.

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