Saturday, September 13, 2008

Former Sen. John Edwards spotted in DC, buying a grill at Glover Park Hardware

WASHINGTON, Sept. 13 — Former Sen. John Edwards, Democrat from North Carolina, who was noticeably missing from the Democratic National Convention last month after news of his extra-marital affair broke in early August, was spotted in DC's Glover Park neighborhood, loading a huge, gas grill into his Chrysler crossover at about 6 p.m. today.

The grill, ostensibly purchased at Glover Park Hardware on Wisconsin Avenue just moments before, seemed to fill the entire cargo compartment of the crossover.

Sen. Edwards was accompanied by his daughters Cate and Emma Claire and his son Jack, along with another guy we didn't recognize, who climbed in the Chrysler's passenger seat as Sen. Edwards pulled away from the curb, and Kate, Emma Claire, and Jack headed back into Glover Park Hardware. (Maybe for the propane tank or grillin' accessories?)

Big Signs kind of laments being so paparazzi-ish today, but hey, we've been curious where Sen. Edwards has been since the sad news broke, and we thought you might be too. We wish the Edwards family all the best in what we imagine has been a rough few weeks.

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