Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Live Blog: Former Gov. Mark Warner's Democratic Convetion Keynote Speech

ROCHESTER, N.Y., Aug. 26 — Former Virgina Gov. Mark Warner took the stage in Denver tonight to give the keynote address at the convention — succeeding Barack Obama in the role. He describes this campaign as "the race for the future."

"The race for the future is on, and it won't be won if only some Americans are in the running," Warner said.

Running for the Senate, Warner suggested that President Bush has failed to tap into the nation's most valuable resources — it's human resources.

9:49 PM EDTChallenge as an opportunity: "America has never been afraid of the future, and we shouldn't start now. If we choose the right path, every one of these challenges is an opportunity." Energy is an example -- suggesting that within 24 months, with the right investments, we can have a 100-mpg hybrid vehicle.

9:50 PM EDTScience: "In just four months, we will have an administration that actually believes in science."

9:52 PM EDTLeaders and Bipartisanship: "We need leaders who see our common ground as sacred ground. We need leaders who will appeal to us ... first and foremost as Americans. . . If an idea works, it really doesn't matter is it's got a D or an R next to it."

This election is "about the future versus the past."

9:54 PM EDTObligations: "We're blessed to be Americans, but with that blessing comes an obligation to our neighbors and our common good."

"We're all in this together. That's what this party believes, that's what this nation believes, and that's what this nation believes, and that's what Barack Obama believes, and that's what Joe Biden believes."

10:00 PM EDTClosing: "The race for the future will be won when all partisanship gives way to new ideas, when solutions replace stalemate..."

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