Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ice Cream Thought: Cones Triumph Over Dishes

NEW YORK, April 30 — When ordering ice cream or comparable frozen treats, B.S. recommends getting it in a cone, especially if someone other than you (or us) is scooping or running the soft-serve machine.* Face it: ice cream is a kid's treat, and we enjoy it because we are kids at heart, and when appropriate, kid-like in as much of our behavior as possible.

And kids like ice cream, and we would argue most enjoy it especially from cones.

Ice cream cones over dishes, people, it's the side you know you want to support. The cone helps you eat it more slowly, so you can enjoy it for longer, and it's really just much more fun. (Case in point — a cone of vanilla from Tasti-D with mini Reeses Pieces. The soft-serve operator put in in a dish, after putting it in a cone, but I insisted on using the cone as designed, so I walked across campus, Reeses Pieces dropping here and there, but having a thoroughly good time.)

*If you're scooping or soft-serving, and you can pull it off well, more power to ya; we often end up crunching the cone or with soft-serve all over our hands — knew we should have taken that job at the ice cream parlor summer after freshman year of college.

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