Monday, September 24, 2007

Pitt at Grant's Tomb, Secret Service at the Gates

NEW YORK, Sept. 24 -- Brad Pitt is in Morningside Heights this morning, just north of the controlled chaos at Columbia, shooting scenes for "Burn After Reading." Photos to follow later, but the crew filmed Pitt screaming "FUCK!!!" (yes, with three exclamation points) as cars (with Beltway plates) passed and one sped off in front of him, at least a dozen times this morning just after 9.

Grant's Tomb is acting as the Department of the Interior building, from what I could tell, and Riverside Drive is downtown Washington. Interesting premise.

Just south, as 117th and Broadway, four Secret Services agents from the diplomatic protection side of the house (think Sean Penn in "The Interpreter") hovered around an auxiliary gate to Columbia, earpieces, suits, sunglasses, and all the trimmings, along with several Columbia public safety officers. Interestingly, while I noticed Secret Service on campus, I didn't notice them at the 116th Street main gates, either at Broadway or Amsterdam Avenue.

Perhaps Ahmadinejad will enter that way and head to Bollinger's office in Low Library before his talk, or perhaps it's diversion. While Secret Service was absent from the main gates, the gates were on all-but-lockdown, with only one of three open in either direction, and swarms of public safety officers checking ID (entry with CUID only).

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